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Words are just one way that I have come to know and live within my world. After Dad passed away in 2014, I wrote down fears,  sadness, and tears, and soon, a new world of words was birthed for me. Check out the blog and shop a little. 


I have always wanted to be a model.  When I started to run out of people willing to take pictures of me, I started taking pictures of myself, and then, I started taking pictures of other things. You get to see this journey of photography of me and by me. 


Most of how I birthed my new self was through dancing, moving, and choreography. I am honored that you might take the time to view some of that work. Please sit, bring a friend, enjoy, and dance with me. 




Upcoming Schedule



Events that you are warmly invited to!


April, 2021

Tim Beeman Les Desirables Podcast

Listen to the interview here.


April, 2021

New Beginning Dance and Poetry Performance

Location: A Taste of the Triad

Time: 2 p.m.

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Artist Talk: STARworks Clay Residency

Location: STARworks, 100 Russel Drive; Star, NC 27356

Time: 5:30 p.m.

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March, 2022

Walking for Relaxation and Connection

Location: Salem Lake, Winston-Salem

Time: 2 pm


May, 2022

Poetry Reading 

Episode 3 Crash Radio Station

Time: 7 pm


June, 2022

Choreography of “Dontrell, Who Kissed The Sea”

Location: George Washington Carver Center, 950 Martin Luther King Jr. Drive, Asheboro

Time: Depending on night, running June 18th – July 3rd

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November, 2022

Tim Beeman


Time: 6 pm

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