3 Months To Beauty: a medical, family, and faith memoir  

A story of life, death, and radical change.  I walked Dad to his death, without knowing it, while feeling the weight of putting faith in action, living through medical miracles and failures, and seeing the family tearing a part and bonding during the three month stint he was in the hospital. Here is a picture of Dad and I during his hospital stay. I’m holding up a special-made T-shirt by my brother of his favorite saying, “God Is!!!”  

Joy T. Williams

I am the middle child of seven children, and love creativity and life. Dad and Mom taught me those things, and I’m grateful. I have a background in public health, dance, and theology, and I try to use all of those fields together in different ways. 

I decided to write this book, after so many people, during the process with Dad, would share that I should put my encouraging emails into a journal and publish for others who may be going through something similar. 

Now is the time. I’m grateful to have been supported by the Louisville Institute and so many other patrons in writing this memoir. Join the movement to radically change the most important systems in our culture that determine so much of our health: faith, medicine, and family. 

3 months to Beauty is a memoir that illustrates those needed changes, while also lifting up the good through my journey of love and relationships. I hope you enjoy being part of my journey. We can grow together, and change the journey of others who find themselves in a medical, family, and faith crisis. 




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Writing For History Day #31

3 Months To Beauty Excerpt: “Keep Me Alive”


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3 Months to Beauty will be finished June 9, 2022!



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