Why My Tag Lines Change

Why My Tag Lines Change

Life is ever changing, and so do thoughts, experiences, and ideas. For that reason, one tag line makes sense to me, until I am inspired to see life a whole different way, and then I get to change the tag line to reflect it. I don’t always have the time to, but when I do, you will see new phrases. Here are some of the ones I’ve used so far, and the inspiration behind them.


Living a life worth creating…

 I love to create. And I have had seasons in my life where creating was what we did for 45 minutes, once a week, and then you threw the art work away. School will teach you that creating is a hobby, something that is not necessary, but helps to pass the time away. Instead, I am taking my life, valuing it enough to create experiences for myself that bring relief, joy, love, and pleasure. And all of these things and more takes intentionality, and that makes for one heck of a life. 


Creating a Life Worth Living…

Upon further thought, every life is worth creating, because it is life, it is a gift. In and of itself is an act of beauty. You do nothing to gain that title of beauty. Now, to live a life that is generous, joyous, healing, and down right fun, you got to create it. And the more that I create experiences for myself, the more I want to live, and the more I want to try new things and accept new roles, and feel new feelings. That to me, is creating a life worth living.  


Creating a Life Worth Celebrating 

We hardly tell our Creator thank you. And with all the goods and bads that life has to offer, there can be a lesson learned and a heart healed, if you look for it. And around every corner, there is a bump, and if you make it to the next bump, there is something to celebrate. You made it. So this life I am creating, is full of bumps, big and small, and I plan to celebrate each bump that I put behind me. I made it. 





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