The Gift Of Giving Back

The gift of giving back. No one ever thinks of the gift of giving back, unless you, of course are paying it forward or regifting a gift that you didn’t like, forgot about, or can’t use anymore.

But the gift of giving back I’m referring to, is not the giving of items because you are overflowing, although that could be it, or even the “thing” that you may be giving. The gift of giving back is the gift of giving of yourself to the Creator of Giving after someone has given to you generously for your progress, and you have that sense of goodness in your heart, and a bit of fear. And this gift of giving back may not be out of a history of giving or a history of having a lot, but the gift of giving is when you are about to do something abnormal for you, and then you feel that tug of fear saying, “Oh no, you better not.” That feeling of fear that reminds you of those times when you didn’t have a lot, or when you almost couldn’t “_” or that time when you couldn’t “_” because you didn’t have enough and what you are giving is connected to that memory in some way.

The gift of giving back looks fear in the face and says, “Gifts don’t waste time on worrying about the past or the future. Gifts rely on the present, and that is why we call gifts, presents.” And by that act, you knock fear in the face, and bring hope in its place. The gift of giving back is the gift. When you are able to give in spite of fear, it is not the actual thing you are giving, but the act of giving in spite of, that is the gift. 

That may be a hard concept to communicate, so let me try another way. When you gift someone the money they need to pay their rent, the money is the gift, and the receiver is the person. But when you give the gift of giving back and you give in spite of what fear says, you are giving, not to a person but to a being, the Creator of Giving. This being is often referred to as The Universe or God, Allah or other religious names, but basically the being is The Creator of Giving. When you give the gift of giving back, that is the most powerful, because you can never out give the Creator of Giving. 

When you give the gift of giving back you are setting a strong principle in place within the Universe that keeps the energy flowing positively. Think about a time when someone did something nice for you. Didn’t you want to give over and beyond back? Well, that is how it is with the Creator of Giving.  When you give the gift of giving back, you are giving into a principle that most ignore, and the response is that you get far more than what you gave. Importantly, one of the reasons why this is so special is that what you gave is the energy that fuels that next person with a choice to pay it forward, and that energy is what keeps the world with hope. And what you just did was offer hope to circulate making positive changes, making people smile, that accumulate into giving gifts beyond measure.

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